Responding to Mythbusting Linux

I just encountered a video done by one Matthew Moore. He calls it “Mythbusting Linux”. You can find it over on Youtube here. For the most part, what Matthew says in the videos is accurate enough. However, there are a couple of points where he misrepresents or misunderstands the specific situation. Continue reading “Responding to Mythbusting Linux”

Adopt vs Adapt….

I was just reading a professionally published novel. Normally, you expect some competency from the editors in such situations. To be fair, it is clear that there was editing and the editing was consistent. However, the editing had a consistent glaring error.

In at least three cases, the text read “adopt to”. In those cases, it was being used in constructions like “adopt to the new policies”. That is wrong. You can adopt a new policy but you cannot adopt to a new policy. The correct word is “adapt”. When your town adopts a new policy, you have to adapt to it. Now, in two cases, it was crystal clear from context that “adapt” was the intended word. In a third case, it was less clear and a case might have been made for “adopt”. However, it would have been a bit weak.

There are other usages throughout the same work (different words) that are potentially questionable. However, in those cases, a reasonable case can be made that it was a stylistic choice, a result of inner monologue by a character that didn’t understand nuances correctly, or what have you. There are other cases that are clearly typos or otherwise errors. However, the instances of “adopt” were significant in that they were consistent. That is, someone actually believes that they are correct.

It’s unfortunate that such an error slipped though. The novel in question is an otherwise excellent read.

Stupid Email App Design (Android)

I just encountered, for the umpteenth time, what is probably the single stupidest design decision I have ever encountered in the history of email applications. With the default Android email app, it is impossible to change the IMAP or POP3 username once the account is created. You can change everything else, including the username for SMTP, but not the username for incoming mail. The only way to change the username for incoming mail is to delete and recreate the email account, which is something you don’t want to do if you are using POP3 and storing email on the phone

Of course, you may be wondering why this is an issue? After all, usernames don’t change, do they? Wrong. There are two cases where usernames change:

1. You change email providers. That doesn’t always mean your email address changes since you may be changing the hosting for a domain. In that case, username required to log in to the new mail server might change.

2. Your email host changes the way it operates its email server and that changes the login format required. For instance, going from requiring “username” to requiring “username@domain”.

These two things happen more often than most people realize.

So, by the collected powers of the universe, good, evil, and neutral, fix the <bleeeeeeeeeeeep> default Android email app to allow changing the <bleep> username for incoming mail!

Traffic Signals and Pedestrians

A recent discussion about a New York City request to Google proved somewhat interesting. The request itself was for Google to add an option to its navigation type products to avoid left turns. Their reasoning was that left turns are an inherently dangerous operation and reducing the number of them would be overall beneficial. One commenter brought up another question that is somewhat interesting, though. Continue reading “Traffic Signals and Pedestrians”

Should Police Be Held to a Higher Standard than Civilians?

There have been many reports lately about police misconduct and brutality. While the occasional error in judgement is to be expected – they’re humans after all – it does raise an interesting point. Should police officers be held to a higher standard than the general public?

Continue reading “Should Police Be Held to a Higher Standard than Civilians?”

The “Helpless” Woman

I just encountered an interesting video on Youtube. It’s a rebuttal of some of the idiocy surrounding modern feminist ideology. It’s framed as a response to another video but it stands nicely on its own. It deals primarily with violence and sexual assault but its message goes further than that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Violence of all kinds against women is wrong. But so is violence of all kinds against men. And cats. And small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the video:


Site Ads

All three of my regular readers will probably have noticed that ads have appeared my site. I have put the ads up because there is a non-zero cost associated with running a web site. At the lowest level, there is the hosting cost and domain registration cost. Those costs are relatively small but are there nevertheless. The real cost, however, is the time required to manage the content, and, in particular, the time required to create new content.

It is not difficult to discover that my posts here do not come on a regular basis. This is partly due to how often I have an idea I feel I can write about. However, since there is no shortage of current events to mine for ideas, that is merely an excuse. If I had a stronger motivation to write additional content, I would, no doubt, find that ideas are not so difficult to discover.

The upshot of all this is that if ad revenue reaches sufficient levels, or if it even shows the potential to reach such levels, I will have more motivation to expand the content of the site. It is my sincere hope that the ads do not detract too much from the actual content of the site, but I do fear that such things are an unavoidable reality.

Of course, any comments on the topic are welcome.