About Me

Stuff about me that you probably don’t care about

I was born, then I lived some, went to school, lived some more, ate food, and so on. Eventually, I graduated from Augustana University College in Camrose, Alberta with a B.Sc. in Computing Science and Mathematics. I used to be writing a MUD from scratch but due to lack of time and relevance, I abandoned the project.

I have a page with even more stuff about me and my philosophy here. And some of that stuff might even be worth reading. And use correct grammar. And any number of other things.

Some pages I took the time to create

  • Adventures – places I’ve been, journeys, and so on (pre WordPress)
  • CoCo Stuff – stuff related to the TRS80 Color Computer
  • Photo Gallery – photographs I’ve taken that I felt I would share with the world. (pre WordPress)
  • Photographs – photographs I’ve take that I felt I would share with the world, sometimes with a narrative to accompany them.
  • Some collected humour and other amusements – funny stuff (at least I thought so) that I found on the internet
  • Writings – various things I have written that I felt were worth an index of sorts. This includes theoretical stuff, commentaries, and fiction.