Lost Wizard’s Musings 2015-6

I’ve uploaded the sixth installment of Lost Wizard’s Musings. Head on over to Lost Wizard Enterprises Incorporated’s channel to see it and the previous five.

For anyone wondering why I don’t just write blog entries for them, I’m using them as a means to learn more about video production. This one is an experiment with the good old fashioned chroma key type effect, otherwise known as blue or green screen. So far, my conclusion is that to do a really good green screen effect, I need a much better quality camera – something that doesn’t introduce nearly so much noise into the image. Still, since I can’t afford to buy one, I’ll have to make do with what I have and put up with that funky fringe effect around my hair, though I expect I could reduce that with some hair spray or something.

I think I need to start writing scripts ahead of time, too. I might even want to consider some sort of teleprompter. This winging it business leaves way to much editing and fixup in post production.

Lost Wizard’s Musings

I have just launched a new video series over on YouTube called Lost Wizard’s Musings. It is essentially a video blog (vlog?). Any topic if fair game so you may find me talking about anything.

This series is being produced and published by Lost Wizard Enterprises Incorporated. Be sure to subscribe to their channel to ensure you don’t miss any episodes.

Without further ado, here’s the first episode:


Lost Wizard on the Road #4

The latest episode of my Lost Wizard on the Road video series is up at Youtube. New with this episode is a road identifier and, gasp, music during the quiet sections. Many thanks to my good buddy at Neferiu Records for pointing me to their various releases. If you like the sound track, I strongly urge you to support the artists through the links in the video credits.

Lost Wizard on the Road #3

The third installment of my road videos series is now online. Nothing terribly exciting this time. I am, however, getting more proficient with actually putting the videos together. Well, once I got past a bad update to ffmpeg which was causing the intermediate recoding to create an artifact storm on the video.

Without further ado, here’s the video:


More Video Adventures

The other day, I recorded a trip to Walmart using my fancy new camera arrangement. I took the back way there to get something more interesting than city streets and freeways. As a result, I needed to do some more complex editing than on the previous video.

This time around, be awestruck at the fact that multiple speedups are in use. The urban areas are sped up by a factor of 4 while the rural areas are sped up by a factor of 8. There is even a handy speed indicator on the bottom right of the video. I also spliced the two legs, there and back, into a single video with a crossfade between the two. Much excitement. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this video editing thing.

And here’s the video.