Generating Maps

It turns out that generating maps for a game like lwciv is not an easy problem to crack. The map is a critical component of game play and, therefore, must be generated in a way that is actually playable. For a Civilization type game, that means there must be land masses that are large enough to be playable before seafaring technologies are discovered. They must also be far enough apart to be difficult to reach with early seafaring technology, but the placement requirements must not be so strict that they limit the map variations. What follows is part one of my map generation odyssey.

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Last fall, I had this notion that it ought to be possible to implement a Civilization style game on the Coco3. With 512K RAM and 320×225 16 colour graphics, such a game should be at least as playable as the original civilization. Based on that notion, I set about tinkering to see if it was, in fact, plausible to do so. Herein are chronicled my adventures so far. Continue reading “lwciv…”