Christmas 2006

Christmas has roots much deeper than the Christian faith that named it. Through the years, the tradition of Christmas has gained from sources religious and secular until it has become the modern holiday. It seems little in doubt that should religion totally vanish from the Earth tomorrow, Christmas itself would endure.

Regardless of its various origins, Christmas represents a message that resonates within all of us, no matter our beliefs or upbringing. Members of all faiths on the Earth find some aspect of Christmas they can celebrate. Even the atheist finds meaning to celebrate in Christmas. The true meaning of the modern Christmas transcends religion in its simplicity.

Kindness and caring for friend and stranger. This is the message that the celebration has come to embody. So when you are caught in the rush of Christmas chores, remember the true meaning is not in the gifts or the feast or the family gathering. The true, transcendant meaning is in sharing the kindness and caring.

William Astle
December 2006 CE

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