End of the Arrowverse

With just four episodes of The Flash left before the official end of the Arrowverse, I’m starting to think they might actually pull off a solid landing even if they don’t quite stick it. But based on what they just set up with Oliver’s guest spot, I’m not so sure it’s going to be quite as over as we’ve been led to believe.

Since Crisis, they’ve pussyfooted around with revealing the existence of Oliver’s new multiverse to the characters on Earth Prime. Now they have explicitly revealed it to them. That may have simply been dotting some Is and crossing some Ts but it does open up some possibilities, too.

Further, with Supermam and Lois not being officially part of the Arrowverse, yet John Diggle turned up at least once with implications of facing the same choice haunting him on other shows. I’m not sure it’s quite as separate as it seems though it seems likely it’s not on Earth prime based on next week’s previews.

It is clear that the mainline Arrowverse is ending with The Flash. There’s no way to really dispute that. But it does seem like they’re keeping things open to possibly revisit it later, say on another Earth which doesn’t have the accumulated baggage of Earth Prime. Perhaps it won’t be the CW that makes it, even. Perhaps they simply license it to another production house. Whatever happens, though, I think it’s just a little premature declare the Arrowverse completely done. I would give it a few years to see what develops.

As a final note: no, I don’t think we’re going to get a resurgence of the Arrowverse. At best we’ll get a couple of spin-off attempts along the lines of Stargirl which, let’s be honest, isn’t likely to drum up much interest overall. But it does feel like they’re keeping some options open.

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