Trip Day 6

Well, I have now arrived safely in Thunder Bay. At least today the weather was dry so I didn’t have to fight with bad road conditions. Still, the road from Duluth to Pigeon River is boring. The most excitement on the whole trip had to be passing through Duluth since the highway from there to Thunder Bay is not an expressway. Even crossing the border was painless. I didn’t even have to hand over my passport for checking. I did get the impression, based on the questions I was asked, that the US border folks share information with the Canadian border folks. This is probably a good thing. I feel better now that I’m back in Canada, though, because it means I don’t have to worry about any borders tripping me up.

Anyway, now I just need to relax tonight before visiting with the family types tomorrow. I’ll probably also plan my itinerary for the return to Calgary.

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