Return Trip

The CocoFest was fairly calm. Nothing particularly remarkable occurred. We all enjoyed dinner across the road from the hotel and basically called it a night on Saturday. Sunday was largely a wind-down.

Monday was the first day of my drive home. Unfortunately, due to flooding in Fargo, I ended up taking the southern route to avoid the Red River. The road conditions were good except for a brutal wind much of the way. It had started to rain when I got in to Sioux Falls. Once I got checked into a hotel, I found out that a very big spring storm was clobbering points west and heading east so I checked the road reports. I90 was closed heading west toward Wyoming. This morning, I learned that even more of I90 is closed and I29 north is also closed. Apparently I’m going nowhere.

Looks like I’ll have some time to explore Sioux Falls while I’m waiting for the roads to open.

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