Ugly Luck

Well, today started a a couple hours earlier than I expected when the power went out (about 6:10AM). My phone was plugged in to the charger and it chirped a couple of times to let me know that charging had stopped/started/stopped. That was enough to wake me up.

That wasn’t all that annoying, however. The fact that the power stayed out until 2:30PM did annoy me since it prevented me from doing my job (I work from home). Fortunately, I had nothing particularly pressing that needed doing.

No, what annoyed me was when the power came back on. My computer was fried. I did the obvious thing and replaced the power supply. However, it seems like when the power supply fried, it took out the motherboard. Now the computer is well past its prime and I’ve been making noises about replacing it for a while now, but I rather wanted to replace it when I could afford to, not because I have to. Alas, that was not to be the case.

In all honesty, given the age of the system, it was inevitable that it would conk out at some point and it makes sense it would happen when the electricity is unstable. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if that sort of thing would only happen when one is prepared for it?

I suppose, on the bright side, I’ll come out of this with a much better system.

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